If you would like a custom pie, cake or scones for your event

you can email sherri@makeawishcakes.com

​or phone 226-980-7807

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Bakery Menu

Choose a pkg of our fabulous 

Nanaimo Squares or PeanutButter Marshmallow Treats


House Salted Caramel Sauce


For Special order

Fresh Butter Croissants

filled with almond paste or chocolate


​contact us directly sherri@makeawishcakes.com

A selection of Luxurious desserts in our Signature style with

real butter, belgian chocolate and the best quality ingredients available

our pie crust are all butter, all ingredients are sourced locally and absolutely no artificial flavouring are allowed

Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies      or      Ready-to-bake Frozen

                                                        $19/dozen                                                                 $12/dozen

Pie Shells

$10 for 2

Monster Cookies

Oats, pecans, chocolate chips, coconut, raisins & M&M's

$19 for 12